So thankful to be a part of Heart Mountain Academy. It’s a “school family” tradition to share a thanksgiving meal around the table and say the many things we are thankful for!! 💙🖤
8 days ago, HMA
lots to choose feom
what are you thankful for
41 students
Expanding the walls of the classroom today for HMA students in Mrs. Gelik’s math class. These students are learning geometry in the geometric domes better known as the “bubbles”.
about 1 month ago, HMA
geometry in the bubbles
Interdisciplinary learning about marketing is what’s happening at HMA today. Personal finance is learning about persuasive techniques through digital marketing. In math and science they are in the middle of a social media marketing scavenger hunt to gain incite on how to market their sustainable gardens. Happy learning HMA.
about 2 months ago, HMA
personal finance
social media marketing in math
Hello Park 6 families. This morning CHS & HMA conducted a hall sweep in our buildings using the Powell PD drug dog. It is our goal to create a healthy atmosphere that fosters safe, drug-free, learning environments where students can explore and grow. Teenage drug use can cause the impairment of learning and memory which can lead to a reduction of achievement and engagement in school. This drill will help to maintain a healthy school system as well as provide help to any student that may need it. Thank you for your support in this endeavor and have a great day.
about 2 months ago, HMA
law enforcement keeping us safe
HMA cares about our community and the environment. It’s official… we have adopted a section on in the South Fork highway. Great work students and staff!
2 months ago, HMA
look what I found
wrap it up
happy birthday
Fillies ready for action at the pool today. Senior night. We ❤️our SENIORS!
2 months ago, HMA
to your marks...
HMA is having fun at the bonfire! Happy HOCO!!
2 months ago, HMA
Heart Mountain hikes Heart Mountain! Grit, guts and resilience. Breaking boundaries with an I can do it attitude creates students with growth mindsets for their future endeavors. SO PROUD OF YOU HMA. Go Wolves!!
2 months ago, HMA
eww snails
we made it
here we are
go this way
What a great Monday! 35 colleges and military representatives are here at the high school as CHS & HMA students engage at booths and through QR codes for information on their future… which is looking BRIGHT!
2 months ago, HMA
college fair
college fair
Algebra 2 students "hid" variables to create an equation and Algebra 1 students worked to undo all the "operations" to find the variable. A hands-on math lesson that sticks by using all modalities of learning!!
3 months ago, HMA
Unpacking variables
Algebraic steps for math
Relationship building, together as one! Coach McFadden and the football players have an awesome pre-game ritual. Players select a staff member to wear/hang their jersey in support of the player and to acknowledge the staff member. Go Broncs & Fillies!!
3 months ago, HMA
Jersey Day
Students please remember to bring your Student ID's to the activities this weekend. Go Boncs and Fillies!
3 months ago, Cody High School
HMA students at the Club Fair. Way to represent!
3 months ago, HMA
HMA Club Fair
Greetings Heart Mountain Academy Students. We will be calling you next week to go over your schedules for the 2022-23 school year. Not long now...
4 months ago, Beth Blatt
Back to school
Hello HMA families. In an effort to streamline our district's contact tracing process, we are soliciting the feedback of our students and their families. This survey is meant to help PCSD6 families pick a communication option from the list below that best fits the need of each individual student and family if your student is contact traced from a close contact at school. Please make sure to include all of your students at HMA. You will need to take a separate survey for CMS or Elementary Schools if you have students in those buildings. Please follow this link to access the survey:
about 1 year ago, Cody High School
Back to School Night - Meet and Greet! Mark your calendars for Tuesday, August 31 from 5pm - 7pm. Come meet the HMA staff and take a look around. It's a great way to get this new year started on the right foot. See you there!
over 1 year ago, Heart Mountain Academy
The 2021-22 school year for HMA starts August 25 at 12:15. Students will receive their schedules then. It will also be picture day for all students. It's going to be a great year!!
over 1 year ago, Heart Mountain Academy
HMA Online Registration - Please remember to complete by August 20. Go to If you have any questions, call Yvonne Henry 527-1028
over 1 year ago, Heart Mountain Academy
Good Afternoon Park #6 Families! The district is experiencing a network issue with our internet. Due to this, our telephone systems are temporarily down. We are working on this issue.
over 1 year ago, Park County School District #6
From Cody High School Activities: Fall Sports Attendance Protocols
about 2 years ago, Tony Hult
CHS Entry Protocol